Donald Trump has been accused of paying less income tax.

Former US President Donald Trump has been accused of taking advantage of underage loans and underestimating his income tax.

Donald Trump, his son Trump Jr. and daughter Ivanka Trump have also been summoned to appear in court to investigate the allegations. However, Trump’s lawyers are still trying to get the summons revoked, the German news agency Deutsche Welle reported on Tuesday.

The attorney general’s office said the summons was issued to testify and examine documents related to the valuation of the assets of the company owned by Trump and his children. A criminal investigation is under way into the alleged misrepresentation of the former president and his company’s assets.

Meanwhile, Trump’s lawyers applied to the court last Monday to cancel the summons They call this incident ‘unconstitutional’ They also fear that the attorney general will use the summons in other cases as evidence of Trump’s statement.

  • Responding to remarks by Trump’s lawyers, Attorney General James said that no matter how famous Trump and his family are, they have to follow the same rules as everyone else. The cancellation application is just a ploy to delay the investigation.