In France, 3 women were severely killed in one day

Three women have been severely boggled in France on New Year’s Day. Allegedly these women killed their mate orex-partner.
The country’s sexists have called the incident intolerable. France, like numerous other countries, is one of the countries where violence against women is on the rise.
Numerous people took to the thoroughfares last time to protest against the brutal payoff of women.
A 58- time-old woman has been plant dead with a cutter in her casket in the country’s Labrador area, police say.
A 28- time-old woman from the country was latterly plant dead after being picked. The woman’s mate has been arrested in connection with the murder. Who’s an army member.
A 45- time-old woman was also plant dead in the box of a auto. An disquisition has been started against the woman’sex-husband in this incident.