Insulting the Prophet is not artistic freedom: Putin.

Insulting the Prophet is not artistic freedom: Putin.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that affronting the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) can not be considered as cultural freedom. He also described the act as a” violation of religious freedom,” according to state news agency Taser.

Putin made the reflections at a press conference in Moscow on Thursday (December 23rd). He said that affronting Muhammad (pbuh) was tantamount to hurting the sacred passions of the followers of Islam.
According to TASS, the Russian chairman blamed the publication of a mock of Mohammed (sa) in the French magazine Shirley Hebdo. Putin said it had infuriated Muslims.

Cultural freedom clearly has a limit and it shouldn’t in any way infringe on the freedom of others, he added.
Putin noted that Russia is a transnational state. Russia is committed to esteeming the traditions of all nations.

He said that insome countries this respect has been seen