Make a carrot pudding on a winter afternoon with a mixture of taste and health

There are Bengalis who do not like to eat carrot pudding in winter! Such a combination of taste and health can be seen in very few dishes. For those who know, there is no obstacle in satisfying their taste. For those who have never cooked before, this recipe is an everlasting recipe:
Carrots: 500 gms
Milk: half a liter
Ghee: 60 grams
Cinnamon powder: Like quantity
Sugar: 100 to 150 grams
Khoya: 150 grams
Like the amount of almonds and raisins
1. Wash the carrots well and grate them.
2. Let the milk heat in a pot. When the milk is a little hot, add the roasted carrots. Make sure the milk does not become too thick.
3. In another bowl, add ghee and cinnamon powder. After five minutes, fry the khoya well and pour it in the pot.
5. When it is cooked, pour the mixture into the milk and carrot mixture.
. Keep stirring until thickened. When it becomes thick, take it down, spread cashew nuts and raisins and serve. Carrot pudding with water on the tongue.