More than 150 killed in anti-government protests in Kazakhstan.

More than 150 killed in anti-government protests in Kazakhstan.

At least 160 people have been killed so far in security forces firing on protesters in the Central Asian country of Kazakhstan in the days leading up to the protests. As many as 5,000 people have been detained in clashes between protesters and the government over the past few days.

Local media reported on Sunday (January 9th), citing the country’s interior ministry, that the deadly violence was initially thought to have caused ৮ 198 million in property damage.

The ministry said hundreds of businesses and banks had been attacked and looted in the past few days. The protesters destroyed about 400 vehicles.

The Russian news agency Sputnik quoted Kazakhstan’s health ministry as saying on Sunday that at least 164 people, including two children, had been killed in the latest violence. Among them, 103 were killed in the country’s capital, Almaty. The country’s largest city has seen the most violence.

Kazakhstan’s Interior Minister Arlan Turgumbayev says the situation is stable in all parts of the country today. Even then, counter-terrorism operations are aimed at restoring law and order in the country.

The country’s interior ministry says 5,135 people have been detained for questioning as part of 125 separate investigations into the violence.