Proprietor of 300 crores from hawkers!

Proprietor of 300 crores from hawkers.

Piyush Jain, a incense dealer from Kanpur, India, has been arrested on charges of escaping income duty of Rs 31 crore.

After a 120-hour hunt, Rs 300 crore, Dubai and country property documents and a large quantum of gold were recovered from the businessman’s house. Neighbors were surprised to see so important gold in Piyush’s house. Their comment, Piyush couldn’t be understood from the outside.
According to the Indian media Anandabazar, one of the neighbors said that he’d always seen Piyush traveling on scooter or on bottom. At carnivals and observances, one could see veritably simple clothes. I’ve noway seen him whiff about others.

According to the report, Piyush’s forefather was in the business of publishing cloth. Piyush and his family Ambareesh both have a Masters in Chemistry from Kanpur University. In his early life, Piyush worked as a huckster in Mumbai. As he was professed in chemistry, he started making cleaner, laundry greasepaint and cleaner constituents. Within a many times, the burden of the family business fell on his shoulders. At the same time other business continues. Gutkha constituents are made from there. In a many days, he started a incense business. Increases the compass of business. Piyush moved to Kanpur from Kanauj.