Sanjay Dutto used to make paper sticks in jail, he earned five hundred rupees!


He was placed on the other side of the fence under the TADA Act on charges of illegal possession of firearms. At that time Sanjay Dutt was given the job of making paper sticks in jail. That’s how he earned five hundred rupees! The Bollywood actor told this story on a TV show.

In a 1993 case, Sanjay was accused of possessing a weapon illegally. In 2006, a TADA court sentenced him to life in prison. The actor was jailed in Pune’s Yerawada jail from 2013 to 2016 as the Supreme Court upheld that verdict. Leaving the glamorous, luxurious life of a Bollywood actor, Sanjay moved to a locked cell.
Prison authorities diagnosed Sanjay with making a piece of paper while he was a prisoner. 20 paisa per thonga. He used to make about 50 to 100 thongas every day. On the TV show, Sanjay frankly said that he had earned about Rs. After being released from jail in 2016, he handed over the money to his wife Manyata. In the actor’s own words,”I go I’ll spend the delicate days of jail with a positive mind. The value of that five hundred rupees is equal to five thousand crore rupees!