Trade fairs are frozen, sellers are smiling

A few days after the inauguration, when the trade fair was not being held in the permanent complex of the new place Purbachal, there were many pros and cons. Will the trade fair be so far away? The road is not good, it is broken, it is covered with dust and so on. But after all the discussions and criticisms, the trade fair has come to a standstill.
Crowds of spectators could be seen at the trade fair on Friday morning. This crowd grows more and more as the day progresses. And this crowd of buyers-visitors finally puts a smile on the faces of the sellers. It may be mentioned that a month-long trade fair was inaugurated at Bangabandhu Bangladesh-China Friendship Exhibition Center in Purbachal last Saturday.
I went to the fair yesterday and saw the crowd at the ticket counter since morning. At this time, many people were seen entering the fair premises by pushing and shoving without following the health rules. Under the pressure of people, the parents struggled to enter the gate of the fair with their children. Due to the pressure of the buyers and visitors who came to the fair, the traffic became congested on the 300 feet road. The visitors are suffering in this.
Rimon Mia, who came with his family from Kamrangirchar in the capital, said it was the first time he had come to the fair with his children. Traffic jam from Jalsinri bus station on 300 feet road. He said that it was difficult to come to the fair because of this.
On the day of the inauguration on January 1, about 11,000 people entered the fair by buying tickets. About 44,000 people bought tickets and entered the fair till 6 pm yesterday. This is the highest number of tickets sold in a single day so far.
Meanwhile, the stall owners of various organizations have survived by increasing the number of buyers and visitors in the fair. Besides increasing the number of visitors yesterday, the sales have also been good. Furniture and electronics stalls of various organizations of the fair are attracting the attention of buyers and visitors. In addition, the number of shoppers in food stalls has increased. The sales representatives of Sevay Ice Cream are selling ice cream by dancing in the cold.
ABM Enayet Ullah Sarkar, Deputy Manager Engineer, Gazi Group, who provided stalls at the fair, said that gas stoves, geysers, pressure cookers and children’s toys were being sold in large numbers. RFL Company’s pavilion in-charge Masud Rana said, “I have received the message of arrival of buyers at the fair.” The product has sold well. Trade fairs are getting crowded day by day. Mohammad Dulal, manager of Akhtar Furniture, said that although the volume of furniture sales was not as expected, there was no alternative to promoting the company. Sabbir Ahmed, pavilion in-charge of Walton Company, said that although the expensive products produced in the stalls were not sold, the sales of cheap products have increased. EPB secretary Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury, who organized the trade fair, said the fair was successful in attracting visitors.